N4 3d printer is suitable for 3d printing beginners

As we all know, Shenzhen's famous 3D printer manufacturer Anet is famous for producing various 3D printers, and particularly good at making printers for beginners. Anet N4 is a typical example of entry-level LCD resin 3d printer.

N4 3d Printer

Design of N4 LCD 3D Printer

N4 3d printers look more like kitchen appliances than high-tech products. Although the front door blocks the moving parts and high-temperature parts of the printer, it does not cover them. If the front door is opened, the printer will continue to operate, so it is not suitable for young people who need supervision.
Nonetheless, the front door does help prevent printing noise, and the device is quieter than most printers.
Behind the front door is a printing area. The glass printing bed can print objects under 4.7 inches on each side. It is not as big as a printer like ET5, but it is big enough for ordinary users. This print bed is a piece of glass that can be easily removed by releasing multiple latches, making printing easier.

Printed materials of N4 3D printer

The wires used can be placed on the reel on the back of the printer. Like most XYZ printers, the PLA wire also has a chip that can identify the printer, and the N4 can only use the wire provided by XYZ. Each reel can hold 600 grams of wire, and the price is about $28.99. There are 14 colors of wires, from transparent to black. This is more expensive than the printing materials of many other printers, some of which can use third-party materials, and the weight of 1 kg per roll (2.2 pounds) costs about $20.

N4 3d Printer

Setup of N4 3d printer: simple hardware and software

N4 is easy to use directly. All you need to do is take out the printer, take out countless tapes and foams, fix them in place, fix the print head in place, and then feed the wires. The whole process can be completed in about half an hour.
XYZmaker software is very simple to use, you can import, zoom, move and merge 3D models. It can also create 3D models such as text, logos and primitives such as spheres, cubes and pyramids. These can be combined with (or deleted from) existing models, so you can perform operations similar to creating a text 3D model and then use it to cut the text shape in another 3D model. XYZmaker is not a full-featured 3D modeling program, but it is nice to see that more of these simple tasks can be used in 3D printing programs.
When you are ready to print, pass it to the XYZ printer plug-in, which will slice the model and prepare it for printing. Third, it is an easy-to-use program that provides all the basic functions you need and some other functions. You can get a 3D preview of the model, add brackets and adjust other settings, such as padding. You can use four print quality settings: "Draft", "Normal", "Fine" and "Hollow", which is a special mode that can eliminate any problems, or you can adjust the settings yourself to get the desired print results.

Printing process of N4 3d printer: quite quiet

After printing, the XYZmaker program sends the file to Anet N4 via the printer's USB connection. After completion, you can disconnect the computer from the N4 without affecting printing, but this software is the only way to monitor the progress. The printer itself has no visual or other instructions indicating how long it will take to print.

N4 3d Printer printing Art works
We found that da Vinci N5 was very quiet during operation, showing only the slight noise of the motor and fan, and the buzzing sound of the print head moving.

Fast Print speed of N4 3d printer

Da Vinci nano printing speed is slow. Although it can print large objects, printing them takes a long time, especially in high-quality settings. We printed the Auguste Rodin model about 4.3 inches high and used the draft settings. The process took 7 hours and 36 minutes; using high-quality settings took 21 hours and 03 minutes.

N4 3d Printer

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