Hyper Speed PLA Filamento 1.75mm Gray 2KG

by Anet
Our RAPID PLA filament has  improved flow characteristics, allowing for rapid melting and smooth flow during 3D printing, resulting in a fast printing speed of up to 500mm/s. This feature ensures that you can complete your printing projects quickly without compromising quality, especially on fast print printers, like Kingroon KP3S Pro V2, KLP1, Creality K1, K1 Max. Detailed print settings for high speed PLA filaments on our blog. The filaments are completely dried before packaging and vacuum-sealed with desiccants in the bag, ensuring they are free from moisture and dust. 

hyper pla

  • Enhanced Strength & Durability
  • Excellent Layer Adhesion
  • 1.75mm Diameter Precise Dimensional Accuracy
  • Tangle-Free & Neatly Wound
  • No Clogging or Bubbles:

Physical Properties

Description Value
Density(g/cm3) 1.24
Heat Distortion Temp(℃,0.45Mpa) 53
Melt Flow Index(g/10min) 5.2(190℃/2.16kg)
Tensile Strength(Mpa) 60
Elongation at Break(%) 18.3
Flexural Strength(Mpa) 79
Flexural Modulus(Mpa) 2700
IZOD Impact Strength(KJ/m²) 4.3

Package includes:

2 rolls, 1KG per roll