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Shenzhen Anet Technology Co., Ltd  

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Shenzhen Anet Technology Co., Ltd
Omni Group Limited


Shenzhen Anet Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Anet") will conduct the first IPO restructuring on April 29, 2021. Here we express our sincere thanks to our precious dealers, agents and loyal users for your constant support. And kindly notice that after the IPO restructuring, we’ll redefine a brand new company logo, optimize 3D printer categories, establish filament production lines and focus on reshaping product ID, enhancing product software, style and developing high polymer material to bright our core strength in R&D to a new level. We kindly remind our dealers, agents and users to get fully know about our new logo, product enhancement to avoid risks of purchasing faked low quality products.


Important Notice & Reminder

I – After IPO restructuring, Anet will make below changes and improvements.

1. Replace current logo with a brand new designed logo.
Current Logo         

New Logo              

2. Enhance product stability and optimize product categories.
Due to product imperfection, counterfeit product and counterfeit caused third party slander, we’ll carry out below product enhancement to compete with similar products.

A8 Plus will continue to be sold after passing reliability test.

ET4 Pro and ET5 Pro will continue to be sold after upgrade, enhancement and passing reliability test.

ET4 and ET4X will be rectified to the new ET4 X-R (also named as ET4-2021).
ET5 and ET5X will be rectified to the new ET5 X-R (also named as ET5-2021).

3. Establish a R&D center and strengthen R&D capability.
Anet will establish a R&D center in Central South University located in Changsha, Hunan Province, China, and employ several doctoral supervisors and experts to host the new R&D center and forge a team with more than 40 specialists. And the new team will carry out a new R&D direction as below.
LCD 3D printer developing
3D laser engraving machine developing


II – After IPO restructuring, Anet will put effort into building a 3D ecosystem.

1. Develop Anet product network system and user data system.
2. Establish filament production base and focus on 3d scanner developing and production.


III – After IPO restructuring, Anet will adhere to below principles for the after sale service of the old product.

1. Continue to provide high standard service to our dealers and agents for old products.
2. Continue to provide after sale service to already sold products and allow product replacement and deduction measures under the new product and new product price system to ensure the interests of distributors and agents.


IV – After IPO restructuring, Anet will follow new business mode and partner strategy as below.

 1. Focus on wholesales business and provide the best service for domestic and abroad distributors and agents.
2. Establish a strict QC system to ensure reliable product output with best price performance ratio, and develop brand stores with distributors and agents.
3. Build oversea warehouse and after sale service network and provide rapid response of after sale service and technical support for Anet dealers.
4. Forge a business meeting system with distributors and agents to provide strong support on market developing and enhance brand influence.



New Anet will do utmost in strengthening R&D, building brand new 3D product ecosystem, and work together with distributors and agents to expand both domestic and abroad market.


Shenzhen Anet Technology Co., Ltd

OMNI Group Limited







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