Christian Francisco Rivera shared with us his Groot flower pot in PLA on Reddit.

And also settings for the print. 

3D printed model: Groot flower pot

Model file designed by FANPLASTICO on Thingiverse

The settings of the Anet-A8 using Cura 3.2.

*Extruder size = 0.4

*layer height = 0.2

*wall thickness =0.8

*top/bottom thickness = 0.8

*infill =15%

*Print temp = 197°C (on gold filament from soultech)

*Hot plate temp = 50°C (using a borosilicate glass)

*Filament diameter = 1.75

*Flow = 90% Enabled retraction (yes)

*Print speed = 45 mm/s

*Travel speed = 120 mm/s

*Enable print cooling (yes)

*Fan speed = 100%

*Minimum layer time = 5 s

*Minimum speed = 10 s

*Generate supports (yes)

*Overhang angle = 50° Pattern ZigZag

*Plate adhesion = Brim Brim width = 8.0 mm

Christian Francisco Rivera has a few upgrades for A8 to support stability and stop the "jerk" when transitioning between X and Y on sharp corners... including belt tensioners and ball bearings for the Z rods. And he also added a solid base to prevent the frame from warping when tensioning the Y belt as well as T joints to the top of the frame.

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