Color Anet A8 V2 3D Printer with More Personality

The newly released Anet A8 V2 3D printer allows us to print both the motherboard and LCD casings on our own, which opens the door to personalize the printer with more colorful and stylish appearance. So which color you would like to print for these casings? Let’s get into the knowing of colors.

Color Psychology

Color plays an important role in conveying emotional information and creating certain mood, and even affecting our decisions. If you’re tending to make snap decisions, color alone takes 90% psychological influences on it.

We live in a colorful world (image source:


What colors stand for?

Different colors stand for different connotations, moods and personalities.

Color indicates your personality (image source:


Here we’ll introduce some common colors we use in 3D printing.

Different colored casings printed for A8 V2 LCD


Red is about excitement, strength, love, energy and danger. Red attracts the most attention. For example, we use red as traffic lighting to warn drivers to stop at intersections. Red is also energizing, positive and motivating. It’s the home color of some football clubs or national teams, such as Manchester United and the Belgium national football team.  


Orange is a color that combines red and yellow, which means a combination of energy and cheerfulness. Extroverts like orange.


Yellow is a color which resonates with the left and logical side of our brains. It’s warm and happy. Being the lightest color of the spectrum, yellow offers us hope and happiness.


Green symbolizes nature, growth, health, and harmony. It’s restful and healing. Turquoise and aqua, a little lighter, are the two most popular green colors.


Blue is a color of trust, serenity and peace. It has opposite effect on our brain. Blue makes us calm and creates a sensation of space.


Pink is about compassion, sincerity and sweetness, and perhaps one of the most popular colors among girls.


Purple is more about imagination. It’s creative and introspective that connects us to our deeper thoughts.


Brown means simple, dependable and trustworthy; a few mature and stable people would choose the color.


Black stands for mystery, solemnness and formality. Successful men have more tendencies over black to show their attitudes towards life, solemn and formal.


White indicates clean, innocent, pure and honest. Snow White, as one of the most popular fairy tales, expresses our understanding over white well, which is purity, loyalty and nobility.


Beyond above basic colors, you also have vast choices among other monochrome, gradient, and even mercerized colors to mark the Anet A8 V2 3D printer with more colorful and attractive looking.  

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