Firmware & Mainboard of Anet ET4, ET4+ and ET4 Pro

Could the motherboard of ET4 be upgraded to ET4 Pro’s? Does the TMC2208 version of motherboard you'd like to order compatible for your ET4? Recently it seems to be a big concern among some users.
Today we are going to give a clear answer but before that let’s figure out how much do you know about ET4 & ET4 Pro, at the most superficial level.

1. The Differences among ET4, ET4+ and ET4 Pro
Around the beginning of Feb 2020, we had an upgrade on Anet ET4 on its leveling sensor. But it’s not our task in this article to tell how the new and old ET4 differ in their functions. We just pose it to tell you what the differences in their appearance for avoiding the happening of wrong update when someone doesn’t see clearly what model their printer belongs to.

1> Their Nameplates and Colors.
“ET4+” is just a habitual call to identify the new ET4. In fact, ET4 and ET4+ have the same name “ET4” on the nameplate pasted on the left side of their pedestal and the same black + red color. 
ET4 Pro is named as, of course, “ET4 Pro” with full black color.

2> The Leveling Sensors
ET4’s leveling sensor is a film strip while ET4+ and ET4 Pro have the same sensor build-in automatic bed leveling sensor.

leveling sensor is a filmy strip

Film strip leveling sensor on ET4

 build-in leveling sensor of et4 pro

Build-in leveling sensor on ET4+ and ET4 Pro

3> The Firmware Info
They all have their own name displayed on their firmware info.

Firmware info of ET4

Firmware V1.1.5 of ET4

Firmware of ET4+ 

Firmware V1.0.0 of ET4+

Firmware of ET4 Pro 

Firmware V1.0.2 of ET4 Pro

2. The Matters of the Commutative Motherboard Upgrade between Any Two Models of ET4 series
So when you read here, we must assume that you will never mistake any model of ET4 that’s already been released. Before you update the firmware of your ET series printers or plan to order a TMC2208 silence mainboard for your ET4 or ET4+, please note that:
· The firmware/mainboard of ET4 cannot be upgraded to ET4 Pro, and vice versa. 
· The firmware/motherboard of ET4+ cannot be upgraded to any model of ET4, vice versa.

· Please confirm the TMC2208 step driver silent mainboard you want to order has the firmware consistent with your printer. 

If you didn’t upgrade your printer according to these requests, your printer would exactly brick.

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Indra - February 21, 2024

How to best way for upgrade firmware my Anet ET+ ?

Aldwin - February 21, 2024

What is the latest firmware for ET4+ (the one with capacitive autoleveling sensor)? And what is new to the new firmware if there is?

ali azael - February 21, 2024

el sensor de proximidad de mi anet et4 pro siempre se mantiene activado, saben que sucede?

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