ET4's Newest Firmware Update 1.1.5 Has Released Now!

How are you doing guys? ET4 was upgraded agaaaaaaain~
Yes, today We'll push the newest ET4 firmware update - Version 1.1.5
So now let's check together, what are the new functions it has prepared for us!

1. Format your SD card or change a high-quality one before updating!
2. We DON'T support users, with the firmware file of ET4,  to flash the firmware of ET4 Pro, ET4X, ET5, and any other models of printers. Otherwise, any damages caused by that shall be undertaken by users themselves without warranty service support.
Thanks for your understanding. 
P.S: The main marker, except the nameplate attached to the left side of machines, to distinguish between ET4 and ET4 Pro is to identify their printer heads' appearance. You can have a clear impression of them from the two pics below. 
             ET4's Printerhead                               ET4 Pro's Printerhead
First, yeah, it has once for all solved this nerve-wracking issue - SD card cannot be plugged off when the machine is operating. Now, we 'll say goodbye to it!

Second, we have optimized the leveling compensation process, yes, an absolutely simplified automatic leveling function has come out. In addition, some users reflected that their homing ET4 without leveling when using it first time would get its extruder stuck. Now this problem will never emerge again with updating our newest firmware

Third, some bugs in the firmware that would brisk the machine after updating have been repaired. We believe a safer updating will be ensured

What are you waiting for? Just update the firmware now, the new firmware will go on providing you with a better experience! But, yeah, we still have the responsibility to provide assistance to those who might brick our ET4(though there's only a slight possibility). So in case, you should check out this:
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